We're on a mission to help you look and feel grouse.

  • Anti-Aging

    Our formulas contain potent anti-aging properties that will help you defy time. Bid your fine lines and wrinkles good bye, lads. We’re turning back the clock.

  • Post-Shave Breakout Control

    Our products help soothe your skin and conquer the razor aftermath. Every shave should be a victory, not a battle. Clear, smooth skin without compromise.

  • Hydrating

    No more dry patches, just 24/7 moisture on demand. Our formulas keep your skin smooth, supple, and ready for battle. Drink up lads, real men hydrate.

We blokes need skincare that packs a punch.

Elevate your routine with our best-selling bundles – crafted from premium ingredients and tailored for tradies and battlers, these bundles deliver unmatched results.


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Tough Solutions for Tough Battlers

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New Battler Essentials

Conquer the sun, the grind, and aging like a legend with our latest drops.

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Certified by the boys.

Meet the Dubbo tradie brothers – on a mission to smash the skincare stigma for battlers. Changing the status quo, one product at a time.


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