our story frase skin

Meet Zac and Beau

aka ‘the boys’

The boys are two tradies from Dubbo. They sought out a skin solution for all the lads on the job site that would break the stigma of typical skin care.

They kept finding themselves sneaking into their mum’s cupboard and stealing her products. Which got them thinking - why are there no other brands making products specifically for men that spoke to the average Joe?

our story frase skin

2-year skincare journey

Wandering aimlessly through their 9-5 jobs, getting bagged out by their tradie co-workers for using skincare thinking about the opportunity they had to normalize male skincare while also helping and supporting men who no longer want to hide the fact that they steal their girlfriend’s moisturiser.

They embarked on a 2-year journey studying all the do’s and don’ts around males’ skin until we had a discussion one day over smoko. Why don’t we create a skincare brand and really help other men just like us?

frase skin

Formulating top of the line products

From this they worked with renowned cosmetic companies in Australia to formulate top of the line products aimed specifically at men and their unique needs, while also creating a community to help men

– whether it be through skincare or general everyday problems.

our story frase skin

Made by the boys for the boys

Certified by the boys

Unfortunately, Beau lost his best mate Sam Fraser a few years ago in a freak accident which brought about an extremely challenging time. From this we wanted to do something special and dedicate the brand to him, which is where the name originates from.

Frasé skin, made by men for men and certified by the boys.